"Anna wanted to drop us, and her brother Liu alone to the world of the two mean?" Guo Tian Anna and Liu Gan looked at the side of the Syrian heap sitting in the heart more and more curious about what they are talking about.

     "You jealous?" Jiang Jinyuan the original asked a smile.

     "Ha ha ha ha I will eat vinegar vinegar? Like that silly sister? Please do not insult Guo Daxia personality and IQ." Guo days disdain look.

     "Who says you eat Liu Ye's vinegar? I mean you eat Anna's vinegar" Jiang Jin-day correction of the original Guo days.

     "I and Liu Ye is brother love ah can not learn Anna so rot?" Guo days very silent expression.

     "Guo Daxia, Liu brother and Anna sister is a right?" Zhang Meng Di came over to Guo Tian asked.

     "You think it is, Meng sister, in fact, we can also be a pair, we together, will be very happy." Guo Tian Zhaolian Lianxiang Zhang Mengdi.

     "I was small, temporarily do not want to consider this kind of thing." Zhang Mengdi very seriously answered Guo days.

     "It does not matter, I am small, I can grow up with you, I have more physical knowledge of girls than you girls also know a lot, I can teach you a lot of things, such as" Guo also answered Zhang Mengdi very seriously.

     "I can grow up, do not you accompany." Zhang Meng Di was scared, and quickly ran away to the side.

     "I think it, because of what girl, or some subtle." Jiang Jinyuan some can not stand.

     "It does not matter, sooner or later one day, I would like Liu Ye as the hands of no girl, the hearts of no girl, but the girl under the sun will automatically come back past." Guo days seem a little depressed.

     "What do you want to say to me?" Liu Gan in the Syrian side of the heap to sit down and asked Anna.

     "Last night you have not done a very strange dream? In a dream town called. Dream town is only a crossroads. There is a dream theater crossroads," Anna said while watching the dry look of Liu Gan, but Liu Gan Always look very calm look, so she really can not see what to.

     "A town where Xuezu zombie, and the town outside the sky snow, very cold before the end of her back.

     "Yes." Anna suddenly excited up, do the dream last night, Liu Gan is true?

     "What do you want to ask?" Liu Gan is not ready to take the initiative to say what.

     "Last night, I fell asleep suddenly appeared in the order, I was a little confused, and my heart thinking if you are around, I can know what to do next, and then you appear" Anna The dream of the beginning of last night and meet the ridicule of Liu Gan Gan to the dry.

     "Unfortunately, I did not dream of a similar ridicule, that I should not be the real me, but you dream of it." Liu dry shook the drag.

     "Uh" Anna sighed, inexplicably lost.

     "What happened then?" Liu Gan then Anna asked a cry.

     "Later, Guo also appeared we went to the Dream Theater" Anna last night's dream roughly to the Liu Gan about it again, she absolutely trust him, in front of him she did not have any reservations.

     I did not last there, I last night through another way into the order you said, but I wandered inside when a person did not encounter. Also did not find any clues, but the last time, And you like inadvertently led to a task, tear the task paper after the left. "Liugan listening to Anna's narrative, hesitated for a moment to Anna said a bit.

     "It seems that we both accept a certain assessment, you easily passed, but I am mentally dependent on others too, so almost did not pass the assessment?" Anna listened to the story after Liu Gan Self-analysis of some.

     "Maybe." Liu dry noncommittal look.