About 10 o'clock that morning, I catch the bus. Passengers on the car strangers, no one to talk, it was closed eyes repose, some people enjoy the streetscape.


Suddenly, a note of sound, all the attention together. A passenger, accidentally spilled milk on the floor of the whole cup of milk, soy milk along the floor, slowly flow to the front door.


After all passengers to get off, can only use the toes stepping on the ground, carefully brush your leisure card, then left to move to the right to get off.


This cup of milk master, is a girl of about 20 years of age. From her restless body movements, can be seen in her inner anxiety.


I saw the girl quickly leaning on the railing, bent down, took a piece of paper to want to dry ground dry milk.


At this time, a female passenger took out the plastic bag from the bag, her hand to take over the girl in the hands of the pile of wet sticky tissue.


The girl thanked her in earnest and picked up the milk cup and threw it into a plastic bag.


Seeing the girl in the hands of the tissues will soon be exhausted, a mother suddenly got up and shook in the traffic in the delivery of toilet paper, on the way, continue to have other passengers donated tissue paper bag, give the girl.


She gratefully took all the tissues, and repeatedly said to these enthusiastic passengers thank you.


The driver finally spoke: "You sit down, do not rub it again." The driver noticed the traffic and the expression was a little nervous.


Girl head down, still trying to wipe the ground is not dry soy milk. The driver replied again, but the girl's motion remained the same.


Finally, the driver stopped the car temporarily.


"I'm sorry, Mr. Driver, I'm sorry to have your car dirty," said the girl with a guilty conscience, and bowed sharply to the driver.


The driver looked at her: "Something spilled, so I washed the water washed on a clean, and you just like that too dangerous, how staggering the car wipe it? If you do not grasp the handrail, to a cup of milk fall If it hurts again, it would be too much. "


The driver continued, "It is distracting for you to wander there, and if there is an accident, it will not only be dangerous for you, so I will always ask you not to rub. Do not listen. "


"I'm sorry," she said, "I'm just afraid that somebody is stepping on the slippery, so I just want to dry it off Google SEO.


This life fragment, you feel what? A little big deal of life trivia? But what I see is:


(A), the courage to face their own mistakes, try to make up for the improvement of the new young man.


(B), everywhere for the sake of the safety of passengers, the bus driver to do his due.


(C), a group of "natural reveal" willing to help the nature of the passengers.


The performance of these people, is showing that we always think that in today's society in the rare truth - for the sake of others.


"Girl" afraid of people stepping on milk slipping Neo skin lab derma21.


"Mr. Driver" concerns the safety and well-being of passengers.


"The rest of the passengers," the care of the "empathy" to pay attention, immediately lend a helping hand to help girls.


Less than 15 minutes of life episode, ignited the true feelings of human nature, and bring to the spectators endless reflection, this is how can not be met ah!


So far, I have been deeply grateful to this group of "strangers" brought me a high degree of confidence in human nature, to remind ourselves that "selfish indifference is worrying, but life can be seen everywhere in the truth mutual aid and mutual understanding, than the negative society The problem is more, but we often overlooked Neo skin lab derma21. "


If you are willing to busy life, Jing Xiaxin to carefully observe, we will find our society is full of good and hope.