"Stupid is as stupid does" this sentence has been spread in the folk, belongs to folk experience. Silly, in the dictionary explanation is: honest, stupid, stubborn and inflexible. But silly, can also be another kind of interpretation, is cute and simple. In this sentence, silly is a kind of lovely, beautiful double HKUE ENG.

Whether domestic or international, there are a lot of stupid people have stupid allusions. As the three brothers treasure hunt, the eldest is cunning and sly old stiff, result is failure, Harper won. Three. Shakespeare's comedy "the merchant of Venice" Portia in the end: so was the prince of Morocco and Prince Aragon are powerful position, but it was Bocia's heart is honest Antonio. Hollywood film "Agam Gump" hero is an ordinary person of low IQ, but he was succeeding in life, and do not rely on what miracle, only in accordance with the teaching of the mother to do.

Fools have fortune, there is a foolish man. The so-called stupid, simple and honest, really, not calculating, make people trust, give security. And people together, we all love, easier to unload their own armed forces, relax and vigilance, but also more willing to close, more willing to share, more willing to give each other benefits. One of my friends, is recognized as an honest man, he began to do business, his family members are strongly opposed, after all, there is a saying "is the three point of the business". Not to mention rape, at least the mind active, but he is not smart, and a little confused, always easy to believe people. Is he, the business is done fast, has become the largest city agents tourism online training.

Fools have fortune, opportunity always give courage of the people. Because the so-called silly, so it will not consider too many consequences, some people did not dare to do, seem difficult, even without interest, but fools will bear the brunt, without pay, the result was a blockbuster success bravely. A colleague's experience, is the best portrayal. When no one is willing to do, and do not increase the income and hard things, he did he do well, be appropriated to the top advanced diploma.

Fools have fortune, appear silly, is actually still water runs deep. Because it does not look smart, can not do, it will not become the focus, not to be hit. Chinese habit is head rafters rotten, gun fight bird, silly people, generally do not recruit people pay attention to publicity, nor much exposure defects, quietly, silently to smooth or frustration worth mentioning, seems to be in sight, do not cause people care too much. People often inadvertently, slowly you want to pursue. Success in reality, there is no lack of people who were previously unknown.

Fools have fortune, the silly and stupid. In modern society, "stupid is as stupid does" silly, is broad-minded, is good at understanding, is willing to tolerance, not to suffer a loss, is pure nature, is the mentality of the sun. So, you give yourself a little foolishness!