The year of the sheep and a twenty-two the twelfth lunar month piaoranerzhi ruixue. Just these two days because of things back home for a high Tan, in the name of a "nest" of the village. I look out of the window of the mountain snow, gorgeous trees 23 early in the morning, no cold, get out of bed, wear good clothes and boots, on the back of the camera out of the door. Fangqianwuhou to Longshan, Shishan, and east of the village of the old fan to go around, eyeful is jade bright natural color powder. A gratifying scene brings the.

Stand in the hundred meters high on the top of the mountain lion, Maotan, nest, Luo village, panoramic view of the fields and hills. At the foot of the mountain from west to east of the Wuxi River, it is not afraid of cold, flowing, stone river or river, covered with a layer of snow, a cream cake like a block shape; the heavy snow along the river willow and poplar dressed to shrubs and erianthusarundinaceus gorgeous trees; dress up weeds like the beautiful coral!

Wuxi river is acres near the big several months ago Tian fan, rice harvest left near the foot of the rotten rice pile, when the snow does not dress too thick, also hide also dew, black and yellow white and white layers and the formation of the rows of lines, enough for me to see a ridge of reverie; it has not grown rape snow covered up, and that a furrow but due to the freezing of water is black. Overall, in the role of the ridge line beauty spread all across in confusion, the formation of a block of geometric shapes and sizes, Bai Qian aspect, very scintillating Trip to Hong Kong & China!

Several villages in the mosaic Tian fan is the edge of a building, the irregular houses towards the snow, forming different oriented, rectangular, square, triangular or diagonal white pieces, in the face shape a dark color room wall under the action of a stereoscopic beauty; that every village "through the cement road, like a brown ribbon floating to the village, the occasional car or one or two red or green umbrella of pedestrians, marching in the brown ribbon, it is particularly noticeable Hong Kong travel tips.

The villages behind the rolling hills, a wild profusion of vegetation belt, a green dress, has replaced the white snow. The green pine needles, still stand proudly accepted where the wind and snow baptism; filled with her hair like snowball needles, covered with a white coat. A piece of the leafless trees and the same no leaves thick bush, covered with a "hairy", sparkling snow was bent like silver, silver and coral like Mount Huangshan rime, beautiful!

The falling leaves on the tree, the root thick branches, half black, half is white. The snow is no longer what it is, and it becomes part of the tree, and it becomes a part of the tree. The woods, the plant is in Yushu, the tree branches into the root of silver, like the white jade carving, jade jade and Keke; the Chinese fir forest, because of its thick and straight trunk, branches and leaves it forms around, to the smaller, the sharp tip at the moment. In the snow under the dress, like a snow tower; and the piece of bamboo, because of its thin body can not bear too much with luxuriant foliage, snow, and root bending in a semicircle, they see the injustice uncomfortable like, I also worry about them, but the weather began to settle, and then persist for one or two days, you can restore the original straight, very pretty and charming.

And then lift the eyes, the sight of the distance is a vast expanse of snow. Mountain and indistinct skyline mixed into one, it is even a day, even a day, snow is boundless, boundless, the earth have become the Jade Carved Silver carving in the world. Not spectacular!

The heavy snow not only indicates the harvest of the year of the monkey, but also shows the beauty of its natural ecology Hong Kong Sightseeing.